India Missile Test

Chances of the Indian Missile attack on Independent Kashmir

News Reign – Latest News Update – Date: 19 December 2019

According to news: India has dangerous anti-Pakistan ambitions. Indian Army deploys BrahMos and Spice missiles and war tanks deployed along the border with Pakistan: Foreign Minister’s emergency letter to UN officials

There are chances of India’s missile attack on Kashmir. Foreign Minister tells UN officials in an emergency letter that India has dangerous anti-Pakistan ambitions. India has set up with BrahMos and Spice missiles while war tanks have also been deployed. border with Pakistan

According to the details, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has written an emergency letter to the UN officials. The foreign minister has called on the UN to further strengthen its military observer group for occupied Kashmir and independent Kashmir. the foreign minister has told the UN, India has dangerous anti-Pakistan ambitions.

India has an aggressive ambition against Pakistan to distract the world and its people from its internal problems. India is looking for ways to fight against Pakistan. Foreign minister explained to UN India has delivered war weapons on the line of control. India has installed BrahMos and Spice missiles along the border while war tanks have also been deployed.

The number of Indian troops has also been increased on the borders. Besides, India has increased its aggressive actions on the line of control to a dangerous extent in recent times. India’s aggressive actions have claimed the lives of dozens of Kashmiris

Foreign Minister of Pakistan

The Foreign Minister has told the United Nations that we are observing the unusual movements of the Indian army on the line of control. India can attack Independent Kashmir with missiles. We want to make it clear that if India takes any aggressive action, Pakistan will respond heavily. The Pakistani army is always ready to respond to Indian aggression on the line of control.

Indian BrahMos Missile

Pakistan is fighting the Indian occupied Kashmir case in the Global community. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had announced in his address that he will be an ambassador of Kashmir in the international community. And you can see that Pakistan is fighting the Kashmir case on every International Forum and India is getting defeated on every International forum.

Indian Hypocrisy

India is behaving with cruelty with the people of occupied Kashmir. Pakistan is trying to save the people of Kashmir from the assault of the Indian Army. India is plotting different plans against Pakistan but they do not know or do not realize that Pakistan is also an Atomic Power. They are ignorant of the consequences of the war between two atomic powers.

Once the Wars started then it’s not easy to end the wars. Pakistan is avoiding the war because we care about the people of both countries. India always violated the laws of human rights but no one is able to stop or criticize India. Because India is the biggest weapon purchasing country from America, Russia, France, and Paris.

India tends to show the world that they are protecting the rights of minorities but it not correct. India has passed the Citizenship Bill which breaks the rights of Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities in India.

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