Death Toll due to Covid-19 reaches 27K around the World

Death Toll due to Covid-19 reaches 27K around the World. The USA to take up lock-down in three states. More cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The death toll in the World from coronavirus has gone up to over 12,000. According to the World Metro, the world continues to be attacked by the Coronavirus. The number of people affected by the Koruna virus has crossed 275,000 in the world. The death toll in Italy has reached 4,000 due to Covid – 19.

Death Toll and Lockdown of Cities

While other public places including restaurants in the UK have been ordered to close from Friday night. While all the European countries are in total lockdown. All international traveling and communication have been called off. International flights on the airports have been canceled by the authorities.

Death Toll in Italy due to Covid – 19

Death Toll due to Covid-19 reaches 13K around the World

In Italy, the number of victims exceeds 47,000. In china’s death toll due to coronavirus has reached over 3,200. Italy calls Army for lockdown after 627 deaths in one day. Spain also has a rapid rise in the number of people affected by the Coronavirus. And the death toll from the deadly virus rising to over 1,000 in Spain. While the number of victims has risen to 23,500. 1,500 cases of coronavirus in Iran.

The death toll in America due to Covid-19

In the United States, 49 people died on the same day from Corona. After which the death toll in the United States reached 365. In Turkey, the Coronavirus killed another 5 people, which led to the death toll in Turkey reaching 9. Unnecessary businesses closed for an indefinite period due to the Coronavirus in three U.S states.

The death toll in America due to Covid-19

According to the American broadcaster, citizens in the U.S. states Of Florida, New York, and Illinois were ordered to stay in their homes. While in all three states, orders were issued to stop unnecessary businesses for an indefinite period. According to a press secretary, the North American President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had no contact with the patient, according to a source under Vice President Mike Pence.

The CDC report showed that 2,500 at early-case hospitalizations in the country. In which 38% percent of them between the ages of 20 and 54 years old. South Korea has confirmed 147 new cases of coronavirus. Which is less as compared to February, in March.

Death Toll due to Covid-19 reaches 27K around the World. On the other hand, 70 cases of the Coronavirus have been found in Saudi Arabia and the total number of cases in the country is 344. Coronavirus anarchy is just disastrous for the whole of mankind.

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