Battle on LOC Jora Sector

Fierce Battle over LOC, Pak Army blow up the Indian army’s Posts

News Reign – Latest News Update – Date: 20 December 2019

According to news: Indian army’s unprovoked firing on the LOC Jora sector. Three soldiers of the Pak Army seriously injured. A counter-attack by Pak Army and destruction of Indian post

The battle over the line of control, the Pak army blew up the Indian army’s post. The Indian army’s unprovoked firing on the Jora sector of the LOC. Which results in 3 soldiers seriously injured. The Indian post was destroyed in retaliation and face-breaking operation.

According to details provided by the Pakistan Army’s Department of Relations, ISPR. India has attacked Pakistani territory in the darkness of the night on the Line of Control. The Pak army also responded with a heavy and face-breaking response and the Posts of the Indian Army were destroyed.

India has started unprovoked firing on the line of control Jora sector. The Indian army has badly affected the civilian population due to firing mortars and bombs. It has been reported that the Indian army launched a fierce bombing on the Jora sector, injuring three Pakistani Army men.

It has been reported that; 2 civilians were killed and several injured due to the Indian Army’s inaction. While it was previously reported that suspicious movements have been made by the Indian army on the borders, it appears that India is preparing to wage war with Pakistan. India has reportedly cut down the 5-place fence on the line of control.

While the Indian army has carried out extraordinary movements across the border. India has delivered war weapons on the line of control. Indian army has installed BrahMos and Spice missiles along the border while war tanks have also been deployed. India has also increased the number of troops on the borders.

Indian Attacks on Pak-Civilians Population

Indian Attacks on Pak-Civilians

It was reported yesterday that India is planning a Missile attack on the Independent Kashmir. So the current status of the border along Line of Control shows that the news reported was correct. India is hitting the civilians which are totally against the human rights laws but there is no one in the Global Comunity to stand against the acts of the Indian Army.

India is doing and creating all this drama to divert Global attention from ongoing protests in India. Different communities are carrying out protests against the Indian Government due to the Citizenship Amendment Bill. It’s a very hurting situation when the Indian Army hits the civilian population. Pakistan also called the International Media and members of the Human Rights Committee to see the evidence in the last few days.

Pakistan Army is capable of any type of war whether it is conventional or Hybrid or any other type of war. Pak Army will respond effectively just like 28th February when Pak Air Force shot down two aircraft of Indian Air Force.

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