Free Learning Websites for Kids and Teachers Nowadays

Free Learning Websites for Kids and Teachers Nowadays. Nowadays due to coronavirus anarchy schools, universities and colleges have been closed. People are also inquiring about ” When is school opening back up? “. Because most of the people are fed up due to kid’s naughty habits. Because it is much hard to keep the children home.

So in these days of lockdown in the whole world, people are searching for different ways to educate kids at home. People in the world are afraid of the coronavirus pandemic. Because Covid-19 is spreading in a speedy manner in the whole world

Top Learning Websites for Children

People are searching for online classes and free learning websites for kids so that they can keep their children busy in studies and in motivational things. State schools have been closed by the Government. Even Donald Trump has ordered to close every type of institutes in the USA. Donald Trump is also seeking help from China to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In this state of coronavirus pandemic, people are helping each other in all the ways. As markets are closed in New York, Califonia and all other states of the United States.

Free Online Education Websites

We are enlisting names of top free learning websites for kids and teachers also. You can educate your kids while sitting in your bedrooms.

Free Learning Websites for Kids and Teachers Nowadays
Free Learning Websites for Kids and Teachers Nowadays
  • Coursera – Coursera is offering Coursera python, Coursera data science, Coursera machine learning, Coursera digital marketing, and some other Coursera free courses.
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy offers khan academy coding, khan academy calculus, khan academy algebra, khan academy geometry, and khan academy games.
  • Open Culture Online Classes – Open Culture offers open culture audiobooks, open culture movies.
  • Udemy – Udemy online courses include Udemy free coupon, excel formulas vlookup, advanced excel course.
  • Academic Earth – Academic earth offers academic earth online courses and academic earth certificate.
  • Alison – Alison is a free education website offering certification and online courses with Alison online course reviews. Best for online learning of kids.
  • iTunesU Free Courses – Users can search free learning material
  • Stanford Online – Online learning from Stanford University which offering Stanford business school and Stanford graduate school of business. As Stanford acceptance rate is much higher.
  • Harvard Extension – Harvard Open Courses videos at Harvard Extension School, Harvard business school online, Harvard College. You can also check Harvard business review and Harvard Business publishing.
  • Open Yale Courses – Free Leaning courses from Yale College, Yale forklift, Yale campus, and Yale law school.
  • UC Berkeley Class Central – Which is in the list of best architecture schools and also gets the UC Berkeley academic calendar. Now available for online free learning
  • MIT OpenCourseWare – Offering MIT OpenCourseWare physics, MIT OpenCourseWare computer science and MIT OpenCourseWare python.
  • Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative – Offering online courses in collaboration with John Hopkins University and John Hopkins hospital. Carnegie Mellon computer science is the best option for you.

These are the top Free Learning Websites for Kids and Teachers Nowadays. You and your kids can spend good and effortful time to gain knowledge in these days of lockdown in your country. Now you should not wait for the schools opening and get your kids to work at home. Now you can use these platforms and can also earn online while sitting at home.

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