How to Make Money Online in Pakistan through Freelancing

Freelancing: How do People Make Money in Pakistan? Lack of jobs for young people in Pakistan is no secret. Many people are using the Internet to find alternative ways of employment. Ayman Sarosh is one of those people who make thousands of dollars a month from home via the internet. They are ‘free from the confinement of time and space’ and determine their own work voluntarily.

He quit his job 10 years ago and started making money online. But how is that possible? Ayman is a freelancer, meaning she can work for her client living in any corner of the world while living in Pakistan and does not have to go to any office. They get paid hourly and in US dollars.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing: How do People Make Money in Pakistan
Freelancing: How do People Make Money in Pakistan

Freelancing in the language of technology refers to receiving money for work for an individual or company in any country on the Internet. There are many ways people in Pakistan can make money through the internet. One approach is e-commerce in this regard, while the other is content – writing content, creating photos or videos that can gain popularity.

Similarly, freelancing is the third source which is gaining momentum among the youth of Pakistan. According to Ayman: ‘If there are good internet and laptops, you can do freelancing from anywhere.’

Ayman Kamal is affiliated with DG Skills. A government organization set up by the Free Lancers of Pakistan. There she trains people of all ages in this regard.

She explains: ‘In one era, the way things worked was different. After the first study, people looked for jobs. It’s changing now and people don’t have to be physically in an office, but they can work virtually (ie in the absence of a computer).

What can we do in Freelancing?

By the way, in freelancing, you can do everything possible (and legitimate). However, Ayman, who has experience in this field, says that ‘in freelancing, you can do data entry.

If you think you are good at writing, you can write on someone’s website, blog or fashion. ‘Spreadsheets, MS Word or Office work, basic graphic designing or social media posts are currently undergoing a lot of freelancing.’

According to Ayman, digital marketing is also one of the areas where the demand for freelancing is currently available. ‘It covers social media marketing and affiliate marketing. ‘

Freelancing: How do People Make Money in Pakistan? She points out that there is a huge demand for software and app-making work around the world, including Pakistan. Young people can learn these skills to meet them so that instead of finding jobs in the future, they will have an income from conversion. ۔

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