israel airforce attack on Militia

Israel Airstrikes Iraq-Syria Border on Iran-Led Militia

Israel Airstrikes Iraq-Syria Border on Iran-Led Militia. According to the details the Israeli air force bombed Iranian-backed militia on the border with Syria and Iraq. There are chances of casualties: News Sources

Israeli Air Force’s airstrikes on Iran-backed militia. The Israeli air force bombed Iran-backed militia on the Syria-Iraq border. The situation in the Middle East is going to get worse. With the US-Iran conflict reported to be a low-intensity. But this news story that pushed the issue further and created more escalation in the region. Experts are saying that Israel is behind all this propaganda and planning to create an alarming situation in the region.

Israeli Airforce

The Israeli air force has reportedly attacked Iran-backed Militia, News sources said. And further news reports revealed that Israeli forces have targeted Iranian-backed militia along the border with Syria and Iraq.

According to media reports, tonight an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia, the Convoy of Qatib Imam Ali, has been targeted by airstrikes in eastern Syria. Which is possibly from Israel. Israel has been carrying out such operations in the region before. According to the Washington Post; Sources claim that the arms depot was targeted in the airstrike. Qatib Imam Ali, an Iranian-backed militia, apparently was moving weapons to carry out a possible attack against the United States.

Sara Abdallah tweet about Israel attack on Militia

Sources also say Israel has dropped bombs on the border area between Iraq and Syria, targeting fighters who defeat ISIS. Which totally reveals the plan and aim of the Israeli Government behind this attack. In the last few years, Israel and the USA were helping these fighters against ISIS. But now the situation is totally opposite and Israel and the United States are carrying out airstrikes on this Militia.

Israel Airstrikes Iraq-Syria Border on Iran-Led Militia. There are also reports of deaths and multiple injuries in Israeli airstrikes. But no authoritative reports have emerged so far, nor have the death toll figures come to light. Israel has attacked the Militia so they would also get a response by Militia leaders sooner or later. And this thing will again escalate the situation in the Middle East

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