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Most Deadliest Viruses in the History of Mankind

Most Deadliest Viruses in the History of Mankind which caused wastage of numerous human lives. Top viruses outbreak in world history which were more deadly than coronavirus. In the history of the world, different types of plagues hit mankind. These viruses and top diseases caused a lot of damage more than the wars fought between different countries of the world.

The death toll due to such viruses has been a lot more than the death toll in the WW1 and WW2. So we always learnt that the natural pandemics that spread in different periods of the history of humans caused a lot of damage. The effect of diseases on the economy of the world has been also harmful. Due to these viruses mankind faced an economic crisis in the whole world. Topmost deadly viruses in the history of the world are explained below

  • Spanish Flu – 1918
  • The outbreak of Cholera – 1910
  • Hong Kong Flu – 1968
  • Bird Flu – 2003
  • Asian Flu – 1957
  • AIDS – 1981
  • Black Death – 1353
  • Swine Flu – 2009

Spanish Flu – 1918

Most Deadliest Viruses in the History of Mankind
Spanish – Flu

In 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic occurred. The death toll due to Spanish flu was almost 5 Million in all over the world. This death toll was 24% of the total world population. This influenza outbreak causes more deaths than the death toll WW1. The Symptoms of Spanish flu were almost similar to the symptoms of coronavirus outbreak nowadays.

Cholera Plague – 1910

Topmost deadly second plague in 1910 was cholera outbreak which took the lives of millions of people in the world. The death toll of the cholera outbreak was in millions. It was the most deadly outbreak of the 19th century.

Hong Kong Flu – 1968

Hong Kong Flu - 1968

The Hong Kong flu outbreak struck in 1968. It was so sudden and speedy that people could not control it. The death toll of Hong Kong flu was 10 million in the world. The symptoms of hong kong flu were similar to the Spanish flu symptoms and coronavirus symptoms.

Bird Flu – 2003

Bird Flu - 2003
Bird Flu – 2003

In 2003 bird flu outbreak spread in South Asia in the birds like hens and ducks. The bird flu caused a lot of deaths but the death toll due to bird flu was not much higher in the other countries.

Most Deadliest Viruses in the History of Mankind which caused great damage to mankind. There are also top deadliest viruses on earth explained in other articles. There are also deadly epidemics like the influenza epidemic and influenza symptoms and causes were also different than the coronavirus epidemic.

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