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PAF brings the Facts of Indian Plane Crash to the World

PAF brings the facts of Indian Plane Crash to the World. Pakistan Air Force’s display Indian aircraft missile wreckage in an exhibition, Abhi-Nandan’s Mig 21 aircraft missile R73, and R77.

Pakistan Air Force brings the facts of Indian aircraft crash to the world. Pakistan Air Force has demonstrated Indian aircraft missiles. The exhibition shows the M21 aircraft’s missiles R73 and R77. According to media reports, the Pak Air Force brought the facts of February 27, 2019, to the world. The Pakistani Air Force displays the Indian aircraft missile, the Mig-21 aircraft of Abhi Nandan was shown the R73 and the R77.

Indian Plane Crashed by PAF

PAF brings the Facts of Indian Plane Crash to the World
IAF Jet Shot Down by PAF

Air Commodore Syed Umar Shah says that we locked 4 targets on the other side of the line of control. But not launched the targets. We could have caused a lot of damage to the Indian Air Force. No missile was fired from the Indian Mig-21 aircraft, Assistant Chief of Air Staff Operations said. No F-16 aircraft was damaged. Indian Air chief falsely claimed to shot down F-16.

Indian Claim of Shooting Down F-16

PAF brings the Facts of Indian Plane Crash to the World

Earlier, the Pakistani Air Force had presented the Indian pilot’s things who violated the airspace to display the remains of the aircraft and the equipment of the aircraft that was destroyed.

PAF Museum

The Pak Air Force has just opened the PAF Museum at the Nandan Gallery for every special and common. The remains of the destroyed plane were also kept in this section, including the Statue of Nandan, maps, clocks and other equipment used by Indians pilot.

On February 27 this year, Pakistan air force had shot down two planes for violating Pakistan’s air borders, in which one plane was suspected to have crashed in independent Kashmir and another in occupied Kashmir. The pilot of the plane that crashed in Pakistan’s borders was just taken into custody by the Pakistani army.

DG ISPR of Pakistan

After the Indian plane crash, DG ISPR warned India in its statement that Pakistan is capable of defending itself and Pakistan will defend itself in a very good manner. Pakistan had two Indian planes hit by giving India its first surprise on February 27, 2019. As a result, the Indian pilot was arrested named Abhi Nandan.

PAF brings the Facts of Indian Plane Crash to the World. But Pakistan had just released Nandan, an Indian Air Force pilot in Pakistan. Who was in custody, rejecting the policies of war just for the peace in the region.

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