DG ISPR on Norway Incident

Salute to Young man who Stopped to burn the Quran in Norway :DG ISPR

News Reign – Latest News Update – Date: 23 November 2019

This type of Islamophobia will only cause extremism and hatred. Respect is compulsory for all religions. Islamophobia is a major threat to world peace: Major General Asif Ghafoor says on Twitter

Salute to The young man who failed to burn the Quran in Norway, the spokesman of the Pakistani army. Major General Asif Ghafoor, said on Twitter: “These types of Islamophobia events will only increase violence and hatred among the people. Respect for all religions is compulsory. Islam phobia is a great threat to world peace.

According to the details, The spokesman responded to the tragic incident of attempting to burn the Quran in Norway on its personal Twitter account.

Major General Asif Ghafoor has offered a salute to the young man who failed to attempt to burn the Quran. The Pakistan army spokesman has warned the international community that such incidents will lead to an increase in extremism and hatred.

Major General Asif Ghafoor says Islamophobia is a major threat to world peace. Respect for all religions, including Islam, is essential. It was clear that according to foreign news reports, the Norwegian city of Cristian sand had a tragic incident of blasphemy.

Activists of the anti-Islam organization (SIAN) rally in which the Quran was severely desecrating. A video is going viral on social media showing a man trying to burn the Quran during a protest in Norway.

However, the Muslim youth, with a sense of faith, failed the effort. The Muslim young man’s spirit was also caused fear for the blasphemer who burned the Quran. Norwegian police arrested the Muslim young man from the spot.

A large number of Norwegian police surrounded the young man on that occasion and arrested him. On social media, the incident has been condemned, while everyone is demanding the release of Muslim young man.

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