The person who refused to accept the invitation to meet the Prime Minister

The person who refused to accept the invitation to meet the PM Khan

News Reign – Latest News Update – Date: 04 December 2019

According to news: Renowned columnist Taufiq Butt says in his recent column that Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Lahore last week. His kindness that he remembered me. I have no desire to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan. May Allah bring him to a unique place in terms of performance.

Then we would like to meet with them again and again. It is important to note that Taufiq Butt is one of the close friends of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Taufiq Butt said that Imran had a relationship with Khan many years old.

Shaukat Khanum’s fundraising campaign was in full swing when I was studying in Government College Lahore. Then I raised funds with some of the students and thought that they would somehow offer this money to Imran Khan.

Shaukat Khanum hospital

However, it was difficult because Imran Khan was busy and used to raise funds in various cities. I was contacted by a friend of Imran Khan’s. I told him that we have raised funds for Shaukat Khanum. Then he told me to give money to Imran Khan himself. I did not believe that a big man like Imran Khan would come to us for a few Rupees.

Our Principal told Imran Khan that the boy has worked hard to raise funds. Imran Khan was very happy about this and thus I had a relationship with Imran Khan. Imran Khan said I need such young people. He worked for Shaukat Khanam. After that, I went with Imran Khan and participated in a fundraising campaign in several places. Imran Khan’s two things are praised by the enemy, their honesty and their simplicity.

Taufiq Butt cited the example of Imran Khan’s simplicity. saying that once we went to Italy. Our host managed to stay at the Seine Star Hotel in Italy for Imran Khan. But Imran Khan said I can’t stay there I have to go to my friend’s house. Then we thought that Imran Khan’s friend would be very rich and he would have a palace. But when we next went to his friend’s house, we saw that he was a two-room flat and Khan was sitting on the chair and had a cup of tea.

I made myself a brand, so what do I need to wear a brand because whatever Imran Khan wears becomes a trend, like the Peshwari chapel. Once Imran Khan came to my house. We arranged for food on the lawn, and when he went back, Imran Khan was stabbed. He stood there and put a bottle of the leftovers in his mouth. Which made it clear that Imran Khan is a very simple man

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