Top Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Top Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks with advanced technology in the modern world. Whatsapp’s users growing rapidly, Facebook will soon have a billion monthly active users. It is not possible for all users to know all the WhatsApp’s features. Many older users don’t even know about the modern and updated features of the WhatsApp application. There are many features of WhatsApp that we can learn about and make our lives easier by using WhatsApp with ease and convenience.

Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Features

1- Stop Automatic Download Media Files

The By-Default WhatsApp saves all incoming images in the phone memory. Many images are unnecessary for people in groups, which reduce phone memory. Switch off “Save Incoming Media” by going to settings, to prevent photos and other media from being automatically saved.

2- Share Current Location

To send your full location, tap the arrow mark on the left, and select Share Location. You can send your nearest business or your current location.

3- To Check When Message Seen Time

On the WhatsApp, a white mark of the tick appears in front of you, which means that the message is sent by you. As soon as the other phone receives the message, two white tick marks will appear along with the message. As soon as the second read the message, both the tick marks will turn blue. Selecting the text to know the full time will help you know the time when the message was received and read. You can also check the time by swapping the text message to the left side.

4- Disabling the Read Receipt Feature

Switch off Read Receipt by going to settings, accounts, privacy. After that, the other person would not able to check whether you have read the message or not.

5- Hide Your Last Seen

Select the option by going to settings, accounts, privacy, Last Seen. Remember that if you don’t want someone to see your last time checking the text, you won’t be able to see anyone’s last seen time.

6- Mute Group Chat to avoid Notifications

Go to Group Chat, tap the name above, and select Mute.

7- WhatsApp Storage Usage

Go to settings, then in the account, and then to storage usage and then see the storage usage by WhatsApp.

8- Delete the Message and Complete Chat History

To delete one or more of the messages or media files, tap on a message and, press Trash Can. Press the edit button to delete many of the messages altogether. After the message, tap the red circle and then tap the deleted chat. To delete the full chat pastry, go to settings and tap Clear All Chats.

9- Use WhatsApp on your Computer using WhatsApp Web

First, open your browser to use the WhatsApp on your computer. The QR code will appear in the browser. Then go to the settings and tap on the WhatsApp web and scan the QR code with the mobile camera. The WhatsApp will now be used on the computer. To do this, computers and mobiles must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. The Images and Videos of the Watts app will be viewed and downloaded on the computer. WhatsApp web is the best way to perform different tasks rapidly on your laptop or computer.

Top Useful WhatsApp Tips and  Tricks
WhatsApp Web Use

These were the Top Useful Whatsapp Tips and Tricks. Which could be very helpful in your daily life tasks and a better understanding of WhatsApp features.

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