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World leading to Economic Crisis after Health Emergency

World leading to Economic Crisis after Health Emergency. Every year 9 percent of the world’s population is affected by the flu and more than 50 thousand dies, American National Institutes of Health. There are chances of the economic crisis in America and also the economic crisis in India and Pakistan. The basic causes of the economic crisis in the world are the lockdown of shipment of goods to stop coronavirus. Health emergency services have been increased to handle the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

IMF on Global Financial Crisis

The International Monitoring Fund (IMF) has announced the start of the global market for the Coruna virus, according to IMF MD Christina Georgie via, the Coruna virus has badly affected the global economy.

World leading to Economic Crisis after Health Emergency

Causes of the Financial Crisis

  • Worldwide lockdown
  • Factories lockdown
  • Airlines lockdown
  • Tourism lockdown
  • Imports lockdown
  • Exports lockdown

International Monetary Fund officials say the market will be worse than 2009 and the impact of the global economy will be long-term. Imports and exports in India and Imports in Australia are totally banned. IMF has applied for emergency funds by more than 80 countries and fears further increase, IMF chief predicts, “Many countries will go bankrupt due to the virus.” “The recovery in 2021 is only possible if the international community is able to control the virus everywhere,” IMF Officials.

China’s Economic growth rate was highest in the world in the previous few years. But now the economic growth rate of countries has been slowed down by the Coronavirus pandemic.

International Monetary Fund on Financial Stability

The main cause of financial stability and corruption is the spread of the virus and it is important to move forward with the recovery as long as the virus is present, says IMF chief. The biggest threat to the International economy is the wave of bankruptcy, unemployment is also dangerous to our economic and social systems. And the IMF has appealed to all countries to take emergency measures to eliminate the coronavirus to minimize the duration of the virus.

The death toll due to Coronavirus

On the other hand, the number of victims of the koruna virus has gone up to over 5,97,000 worldwide, while deaths have gone up to 27,000. Europe is now the global hub of the Coruna virus, but on the continent, there is also a country where authorities are instructing people not to change their daily life routines. Hillary Clinton questions when US President Donald Trump will listen to experts instead of guessing. “A month ago, Donald Trump said it would be over,” she wrote in a tweet.

Donald Trump said that “I don’t think we’ll need 30,000 or 40,000 ventilators.

Corona Virus Victims in the United States

In the United States, various technology and vehicle manufacturers have announced to cut back on their normal production and make ventilators. The death toll in the United States has reached up to 1700. Tesla donates new ventilators. However, World leading to Economic Crisis after Health Emergency.

Death toll in Italy

In Italy, 919 deaths have been caused by the Coruna virus in the past 24 hours, the highest number of deaths in Italy so far. In Italy, the total number of deaths from the Coronavirus has gone up to 9134. There are 86,500 confirmed victims in Italy so far. It is worth mentioning that in the United States, there are almost 35,000 deaths every year is due to the changing weather and flu. If the data for the last 10 years available on the CDC website of the US agency is reviewed, it is known that almost 2 Million people were affected by the flu. Almost 37 thousand people died in 2010-11.

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